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Lindauer Wine Company


Lindauer Wine Company, owned by French based multi-national beverage company, Pernod Ricard, consisted of the brands, vineyards, wineries and other production assets associated with New Zealand’s leading sparkling wine brand, Lindauer. Lion partnered with Indevin, New Zealand’s largest independent contract winemaker, to complete the acquisition.


Greenstone Partners assisted Lion in structuring the transaction to allow Lion to acquire Lindauer’s brands and bottling assets and Indevin to acquire Lindauer’s vineyards and production assets. During the execution phase of the transaction, Greenstone Partners assisted Lion and Indevin to negotiate and structure the complex agreements required to implement the transaction within a challenging timeframe.


Lion successfully acquired the brands and bottling assets and Indevin successfully acquired the vineyards and production assets. The arrangement between Lion and Indevin allows Lion to focus on its core skills in marketing and distribution and Indevin to focus on its core winemaking skills and management of the agricultural and production risks associated with winemaking.